26/27 NOVEMBER 2022
Exhibition Hall of PLATFORM @Kistlerhofstraße 70
Open Studios

Come by and discover the artistic diversity of the PLATFORM studios at the Open Studios event 2022!
Nearly 40 artists from a wide range of disciplines will open their studio doors. You will get an exclusive insight into their workplaces and the broad artistic work. You can expect lots of exciting encounters, guided tours of the studios, interesting conversations with artists. Coffee and cake in our pop-up café and a children’s craft table will top off the program.

Participating artists:

Alina Schweizer, Anna Klüssendorf, Anna Pasco Bolta, Annegret Bleisteiner, Annegret Hoch, Annemarie Faupel, Carmen Nöhbauer, Christian Weiss, Curtis Talwst Santiago, Daisuke Ogura, David Lehmann, Florian Betz, Geraldine Frisch, Gülcan Turna, Hyundeok Hwang, Hyungsung Park, Ivan Paskalev, Jan Dominik Kudla, Janka Zöller, Jess Walter, Jessica Kallage-Götze, Jovana Banjac, Kira Fritsch, Klaus Erika Dietl, Leonhard Rothmoser, Marc Melchior, Monika Humm, Nikolai Vogel, Niloufar Shirani, Patricia Lincke, Pavel Sinev, Phoebe Lesch, Raik Gupin, Silke Markefka, Silvia Schreiber, Siyoung Kim, Stefanie Unruh, Stephanie movall, Stephanie Müller, Sun Yun Park, Ute Heim, Verena Hägler.

Saturday, 26 November, 5 pm
Guided tour of the exhibition Scenes never rest and selected studios
Sunday, 27 November, 3 / 5 pm
Guided tour of the exhibition Scenes never rest and selected studios (3 pm)
Guided tour of selected studios (5 pm)
The tours are free of charge. Registration is requested under