5 MAY – 10 JUNE 2022
OPENING: 4 MAY, 6 – 10 PM
Exhibition Hall of PLATFORM @Kistlerhofstraße 70

Minjae Lee and Lea Vajda win the jury’s prize, Charlotte Giacobbi is the audience’s favourite!
For the 11th time, Kunstclub13 e.V., in cooperation with PLATFORM, is awarding its PERSPEKTIVEN // Award for Young Artist, endowed with a total of 9,000€. Five young Munich artists will present their current projects and perspectives for the future to the jury and the public as well as in a joint exhibition. Afterwards, the jury will select the prize winner. This year’s jury members are: Tanja Beuthien (correspondent of the art magazine art in Munich), Rasmus Kleine (museum director Kallmann Museum Ismaning and chairman of the board of the Akademie-Verein), Dr. Rüdiger Maaß (collector and chairman of the board Kunstverein München) and Anna Schneider (curator Haus der Kunst).

Charlotte Giacobbi‘s paintings encourage viewers to question their own position in space and their physicality. By playing with transparent materials and colour density, she creates a three-dimensional work that changes with the light.

In his performative works as well as space, light and sound installations, Minjae Lee deals with social anxieties and the feeling of futility. In doing so, Lee often places his own body in relation to his constructed, experiential emotional spaces.

Paulina Nolte is a video, performance and visual artist. In her interdisciplinary works, she creates surrealistic dream worlds from text, music, drawings or sculptures and embodies figures that wander through these worlds.

Gülbin Ünlü‘s work deals with escapes from reality, viral image worlds and collective memory spaces. Her artistic practice includes collaborations, photo and video works, installations, performances, music and painting.

Lea Vajda‘s work is dedicated to diverse processes of transformation of already existing material. She is interested in historical, social and socio-political conditions and processes, which she examines critically.

Due to Corona measures, changes are possible at short notice. For up-to-date information, please visit our website.

Participating artists:

Charlotte Giacobbi, Minjae Lee, Paulina Nolte, Gülbin Ünlü, Lea Vajda

4 May, 6 – 10 pm
Vernissage with presentation and awarding of the jury and audience prizes
19 May, 6:30 pm
Guided tours of the exhibition with a live performance by Minjae Lee