Perspektiven 2023

12th award for young art of Kunstclub13 e.V. in cooperation with PLATFORM
4 MAY - 2 JUNE 2023
Exhibition Hall of PLATFORM @Kistlerhofstraße 70
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Maria Margolina is the winner of the twelfth PERSPEKTIVEN Award of the Kunstclub13 e.V. in cooperation with PLATFORM with a prize money of 5,000 euros. The winner of the audience award is Julia Walk. The audience prize of 1,000 euros is donated by Andreas Wiede-Kurz (Wiede-Fabrik). Congratulations!

This year, Kunstclub13 e.V., in cooperation with PLATFORM, is awarding its twelfth PERSPEKTIVEN – Förderpreis für junge Kunst, endowed with a total of € 9,000. Six young talents from the Munich art scene will be competing with a work or group of works that will be shown in a joint exhibition in the hall of PLATFORM, as well as with a presentation to the audience and jury. On the same evening, the winner will be awarded by a jury of experts. This year’s jury members are Esther Donatz (Collec-tor), Werner Murrer (Board of the Akademieverein), Miro Craemer (Curator, mim Raum für Kultur), Dr. Kristine Schönert (Chief Curator of the European Patent Office Collection), Evelyn Vogel (Culture Editor of Süddeutsche Zeitung)

In addition, you will have the opportunity to vote for the audience award. The winner will also be announced on May 3rd.

Helin Alas deals with behavioral mechanisms within the art world in a multidisciplinary way, drawing inspiration from pop culture trends and everyday, sometimes conditioned rituals. In doing so, she critically examines social and socio-political realities and processes as well as her role as an artist.

Simona Andrioletti & Riccardo Rudi combine in their artistic collaboration the media of video, digital design, sculpture, textile art, light, sound, and performance to create multisensory spatial installations that are interdisciplinarily complemented by lyrical and olfactory elements. Visitors are literally immersed in the works and partic-ipate in collective, ongoing performances.

Maria Margolina’s material is primarily sound, sound bodies, loudspeakers, video, light and sculptural found objects, but also text and poetry. Important aspects of her artistic practice are interdisciplinarity, transformation, liminality and site specificity.

Milen Till’s initial career as a DJ is omnipresent in his works. Puristically and multi-layeredly at the same time, he “mixes” – seemingly without any effort – the past with the new, thus creating unexpected or even new contexts in the sense of an analysis of the present.

Julia Walk addresses in her multimedia works the breaking up of normative gender roles, the codes of androcentrism, and the problem of appropriating foreign bodies in art. Her artistic practice includes installation, object and performance with associative materials such as colored sugar paste.

We kindly invite you to an exciting evening with snacks, drinks and young emerging art at PLATFORM.

Participating artists:

Helin Alas, Simona Andrioletti, Riccardo Rudi, Maria Margolina, Milen Till, Julia Walk

Accompanying program

May 4th – June 2nd, 2023
Mon – Fri: 10 am – 5 pm
Hall of the PLATFORM

Opening with presentation and awarding of the jury and audience award
May 3rd, 2023
6 pm – 10 pm

Guided Tour
May 23rd
12:30 pm