23 June – 29 july 2022
Opening: 22 June, 6pm
Exhibition Hall of PLATFORM @Kistlerhofstraße 70

Using parasite art institutions, nomadic art collections and almost-existent exhibitions, gonzo curating is an independent and rebellious form of challenging established artworld structures in the times of ecological, economic and political crisis. Conceived as a process of appropriation by the ones that are not in power, gonzo creates semi-fictional narratives based on the sensual layer of experience. The show presented at PLATFORM takes up a creative game with the convention of an archival exhibition and at the same time becomes an example of a meta-gonzo strategy.

Curatos/artists: Aneta Rostkowska und Jakub Woynarowski

Participating artists:

Curators/artists: Aneta Rostkowska und Jakub Woynarowski

Les Arts Incohérents (Alphonse Allais, Mey-Sonier), Michael Craig-Martin, Tom Gould, Justyna Gryglewicz, Stano Filko & Alex Mlynárčik, Ramon Haze (Andreas Grahl & Holmer Feldman), Krõõt Juurak, Flo Kasearu, Martin Kippenberger, Lo Lifes (Rack-Lo), Kud Ljud, Ana Prvački, George Psalmanazar, Man Ray / Marcel Duchamp, John Smith, Hunter Thompson, Karl Valentin, Orson Welles, What Remains Gallery and many others

Opening at the 22th 6pm

with performances from Hubert Gromny, Simone Karl and Krõõt Juurak

More Information about the three performances during the exhibition opening:

Hubert Gromny (b. 1990, Poland)

“Can You Put Me in Touch With? By the Way What’s Your Name?” is a participatory piece of unlimited duration. The piece consists of a set of characters invented by the artist for the occasion of the opening. Short descriptions of characters will be distributed among the audience, as an invitation to play roles during the opening.

Simone Karl (*1989)

The artistic research project Alpha-Pi deals with the effect of a luminous gas “Alpha-Pi/C2R7” extracted in Svalbard on the attention span of the human brain. As part of the performance, Simone Karl explores the effect of the luminous substance installed in the exhibition hall together with the audience.

Krõõt Juurak (born 1981 in Tallinn)

“INTERNAL CONFLICT”, performative condition, duration variable

Performed by: the curators of the exhibition.

“Internal Conflict” is an ongoing improvisational intra-institutional performance, manifesting as signs of internal conflict within a team. The aim is to give a random bystander, the public or media the impression of inner tensions and slight unprofessionalism within the team. The “performance” can be witnessed as seemingly accidental, it manifests itself in the form of more or less obvious incidents, for example a quarrel, misunderstandings during a public announcement, general mood in the office etc.  This performative condition and its potential consequences expose the tension between emotional labour and the constructed professional personality of the performer.