November 25 - Dezember 15 2023

November 25 2023 | 1 P.M.

Exhibition Hall of PLATFORM @Kistlerhofstraße 70

Curated by Sophie-Charlotte Bombeck & Paula Nitsche

The group exhibition “Vehikel” does not display classical works of art. Instead, it is dedicated to the diverse (im)material influences on artistic creation itself. Individual materials, media, pictures, books and texts are meant to stimulate a dialogue about artistic labour.

The exhibition is inspired by the comparative image-based classification systems crafted by the art historian and cultural theorists Aby Warburg. Warburg saw individual picture compositions – he called them “image vehicles [Bilderfahrzeuge]” – as an instrument of research. The focus is thus on the associative and symbolic meta-level of the selected objects.

“Vehikel” is intended as an impulse to establish new connections and levels of interpretation, to find points of contact, to sound out the boundaries between art and everyday life, inspiration and creation – and last but not least to provide a deeper insight into the artists’ world of thought.

Participating artists:

Alina Schweizer; Anna Klüssendorf; Anna Pasco Bolta; Annegret Bleisteiner; Annemarie Faupel; Barbara Schricke; Carmen Nöhbauer; Christian Weiss; Curtis Talwst Santiago; Daisuke Ogura; Duncan Swann; Geraldine Frisch; Gülcan Turna; Hyundeok Hwang; Ivan Paskalev; Jan Dominik Kudla; Janka Zöller; Jess Walter; Jovana Banjac; Kira Fritsch; Klaus Erika Dietl; Leonhard Rothmoser; Marc Melchior; Mirko Hecktor; Monika Humm; Nikolai Vogel; Niloufar Shirani; Patricia Lincke; Pavel Sinev; Phoebe Lesch; Raik Gupin; Silke Markefka; Silvia Schreiber; Siyoung Kim; Stefanie Unruh; Stephanie Müller; Sun Yun Park; Ute Heim; Verena Hägler

Children’s programme: “I’M PACKING MY SUITCASE AND BRING…” (after the children’s game)
Workshop for children from the age of 8 up.
Free of Charge
Friday, 01.12. | 3-5:30 p.m.
Thursday, 14.12. | 3-5:30 p.m.

Please register no later than 1 day before the event via email to .

The rooms are barrier-free.