Kunst im Zeitalter der KI: Wenn Algorithmen kreativ werden (in German)


At the city core of Berlin, you'll find the independent studio of Tim Deussen, seamlessly combining generative AI and groundbreaking creativity to craft impressive XR (Extended Reality) experiences. AI plays an ever-expanding role in both the creative processes and the resulting immersive experiences at Studio Deussen. With a penchant for experimentation, Tim explores the artistic and societal significance of AI systems. His work spans from brainstorming sessions with AI to optimizing design processes and integrating AI technologies like AI-driven avatars into the studio's immersive applications. Tim Deussen deepens these practical experiences through discussions with colleagues, ethicists, and other interested parties, including both humans and AI systems, delving into the ethical aspects of AI. His portfolio includes AR and XR artworks, connected entertainment, location-based VR, and 3D printing, covering a range of fields, including art, culture, science, and research.

Thursday, Dezember 14 2023, 6 PM


  • Tim Deussen

This event is free of charge.


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