Exhibition Hall of PLATFORM @Kistlerhofstraße 70

Parallel to Open Studios, the group exhibition of the PLATFORM studio artists “collective maze” opens. In “collective maze”, the motif of the labyrinth is taken up as a political, social and bureaucratic phenomenon in dealing with the pandemic. It symbolically structures a new world of path systems, of demarcations and aberrations as well as the attempt to order and readjust existing thought patterns in equal measure. Various works from the studios are brought into connection in the hall of the PLATFORM through a networking exhibition design made of tape. With the help of the omnipresent floor markings, which call on us to keep our distance, we move through the labyrinth of the pandemic, always in search of a way out. Visitors are now invited to walk the lines of the labyrinth and discover the different artworks.

The artistic display is conceived and realised by Felix Rodewaldt, the curation by PLATFORM trainees Lucrezia Levi Morenos and Julia Anna Wittmann.

Please note that you will need to show proof of vaccination or recovery and additionally a negative corona test for admission. In addition, FFP2 masks are compulsory.

The exhibition hall is subject to a person limit.

Due to the current Corona measures, changes are possible at short notice.

Participating artists:

Jovana Banjac, Florian Betz, Annegret Bleisteiner, Klaus Erika Dietl, Annemarie Faupel, Geraldine Frisch, Kira Fritsch, Raik Gupin, Verena Hägler, Ute Heim, Annegret Hoch, Monika Humm, Hyundeok Hwang, Anna Klüssendorf, Jan Dominik Kudla, Studio David Lehmann, Patricia Lincke, Silke Markefka, Stephanie movall, Stephanie Müller, Carmen Nöhbauer, Daisuke Ogura, Anna Maria Pascó Boltà, Hyunsung Park, Ivan Paskalev, Leonhard Rothmoser, Silvia Schreiber, Alina Schweizer, Duncan Swann, Gülcan Turna, Stefanie Unruh, Nikolai Vogel, Jess Walter