müde Zines

Sunday, 23 June 2024, 4 - 9 p.m.

The power and possibility of tiredness in exhausting times

Zine Release and Lecture Performance
4 – 9 pm

Participating artists:

Kaya & Blank, Martina Borsche, Elena Carr, Julia Koschler, Johanna Locher, Vanessa Luschmann, Veronica Moroder, Franziska Schrödinger, Elsa Zasche

The tired/drowsy/exhausted/weary zines (“müde zines”) are a collection of risographically designed prints in which nine artists reclaim the possibility of getting tired, being tired and telling each other about it. They show that our tiredness is far more than a personal state of mind; tiredness refers to tiring structures.

In our sleepless and complex world, tiredness is a term with revolutionary potential. Those who no longer give in to the constant pressure to perform, to be available and to optimise themselves are described as tired. Those who can’t or don’t want to do anything other than be tired too often lose touch and visibility as a result. The tired zines follow a long history of battles over the question of who is allowed to be tired and who sets the pace of a society.

From the multiple global crises of our time, the exhaustion of the planet and precarious working conditions to a general lack of solidarity – we all have good reasons to be tired. Contrary to negative readings of this fatigue, the artists of the tired zines show the potential of tiredness as a method of critical reflection. Against the repression of our own exhaustion, they open up a space to resist together and find languages of shared vulnerability.

The tired zines containpoignant explorations of the experiences of motherhood and empathetic narratives on issues of mental health. They contain observations of the infrastructures of our 24/7 society, reports from the fog of our own exhaustion and examples of fatigue as a state of heightened sensitivity.

Zine release and lecture performance on 23 June 2024, 4 – 9 pm at the Kunstpavillon am Alten Botanischen Garten am Stachus, Sophienstr. 7a

Curated & organised by Lukas Picard. More information about the project at www.diemuedigkeit.de