13 JANUARY - 14 FEBRUARY 2021 
Exhibition Hall of PLATFORM @Kistlerhofstraße 70

With “Percentages for Art” and “70 Years of Art in Construction in Germany”, two exhibitions interwoven in terms of content and space can be seen in the hall of the PLATFORM. Weekly online lectures, an online panel discussion and guided tours of artistic works on buildings and in Munich’s public urban space accompany the two exhibitions. 

Percentages for art   

Even for those interested in art, it is not so easy to find one’s way through the landscape of public funding programmes for art on buildings and in public spaces. These programmes have in common that they provide funding for artistic works whenever major public building projects are implemented. But how do they differ in their objectives and structures? Who decides on the selection of artistic positions? And where can I as a citizen find out about public sculpture in my neighbourhood? 

By focusing on comparable art promotion programmes in the city as well as at the Bavarian state level, the exhibition “Percentages for Art” is to be understood as a Munich supplement to the “70 Years of Art in Architecture” travelling exhibition of the federal government. On the one hand, it presents the various art funding programmes by means of project examples and thus illustrates the cultural potential of a diverse funding landscape. At the same time, it shows how important documentation, transparency in the selection process, maintenance and mediatory support are in order to enable all of us – the public – to have a lasting appreciation of the works of art. 

70 Years of Kunst am Bau in Germany  

PLATFORM is pleased to be able to present a selection of artistic works from seven decades with the anniversary travelling exhibition “70 Years of Art in Construction in Germany” here in Munich. In 1950, both in the Federal Republic of Germany and in the German Democratic Republic, regulations were passed for the participation of artists in state building projects. Since then, a fund of around 10,000 works of art has been created. 

The exhibition presents art in architecture as an integral part of building culture and looks, among other things, at the founding phase of the two German states, the establishment of their state institutions and the development of Berlin as the joint capital of the reunited Germany. Other thematic areas such as “Dialogue with the World”, “From the Labour Office to Customs” and “Art in Buildings Takes a Stand” give an impression of the material, medial and, above all, thematic range of the Federal Republic’s art-in-building programme. 

Producer of the exhibition “Percentages for Art”: PLATFORM, in cooperation with QUIVID, the Art in Construction Programme of the Munich Building Department; the Munich Department of Culture and the Professional Association of Visual Artists Munich and Upper Bavaria e.V. With the kind support of the German State Ministry of Housing, Building and Transport. 

Producer of the exhibition “70 Years of Art in Building”: Federal Ministry of the Interior, for Building and Home Affairs and the Federal Office for Building and Regional Planning. 

Digital opening via Zoom 

Wednesday, 13.01.2021, 5:30 p.m. 

Welcome and short introduction by the exhibition initiators Dr. Ute Chibiziura (Art in Construction Officer, Federal Office for Building and Regional Planning) and Christian Landspersky (Project Management, PLATFORM)