Perspektiven 2024 – Young Artist Award By Kunstclub13 e.V.

in Cooperation with PLATFORM
Opening April 24 2024
6 - 10 pm

April 25 - May 24 2024
Exhibition Hall of PLATFORM @Kistlerhofstraße 70

This year, Kunstclub13 e.V. – in co-operation with PLATFORM – awards its young art prize already for the thirteenth time. The total value of the prize is EUR 10,000. Five up-and-coming talents from the Munich art scene will compete with a work or a group of works, which will be shown in a joint exhibition in the PLATFORM hall. What is more, the nominees will introduce the audience and jury to their artistic practice with a presentation on the evening of the award ceremony. The prize winner will be honoured by a jury of experts on the same evening. This year’s jury members are Benita Meißner, managing director and curator at DG Kunstraum, Jochen Meister, art historian and member of staff in the Department of Education and Communication at the Bavarian State Painting Collections, Teresa Retzer, associate curator at Haus der Kunst, the collector and arts patron Regine Thiess and Dr. Patricia Drück, chairwoman Kunstraum München, vice chair Akademieverein as well as Consultant for Humanities, Social Sciences and Humanities at the Max Planck Society.

In addition, you will also have the opportunity to vote for the Audience Award. The winner will also be chosen on 24 April.

Patrik Thomas: Patrik Thomas (*1986) is a media artist and filmmaker. In his video works, he experiments with collective forms of production, explores cultural strategies of self-empowerment and reflects on the boundary between fiction and documentary. He works on a collaborative art production “from below” that subverts the division of labour between camera work, editing and directing and understands video shooting as an intensive social process.

Marjan Baniasadi: In Marjan Baniasadi’s (*1993) cross-media artistic practice – painting, ceramics and textile art – the so-called “Persian carpet” becomes a fundamental aesthetic motif. She is fascinated by the manufacturing method of these textiles: the knotting and threading. The materiality of carpet production, thus, became a structural element of her artistic practice. She understands textiles not only as everyday objects but as living fabrics: storytellers that bear witness to their creation process, store personal memories and evoke social structures.

Marile Holzner: Marile Holzner (*1983) creates sculptures and drawings in which the fragile negotiation between body and material within the artistic process of creation becomes legible. Her works reject the idea of an art that is independent of its material-somatic conditions. The countless attempts and new beginnings that characterise the creative process are inscribed in her works. That way, artworks are created that reveal the process of their creation and at the same time acquire a bodily appearance themselves. Each element could be described as a single rehearsal in a dance between artist and material.

Felix Rodewaldt: Whether tape art or wall painting, Felix Rodewaldt (*1988) understands the interior and exterior architecture of the 21st century as his personal canvas. His geometric wall works combine with found architectural objects. By playing with building surfaces, he attempts to wring new forms and dimensions from these seemingly finished structures. Viewers are confronted with colour-intensive spatial installations that draw them into a peculiar field of perception, irritate conventional concepts of space, but also open up new perspectives by creating proper visual spaces.

Rosanna Marie Pondorf: Rosanna Marie Pondorf (*1993) is a sculptural and installation-based conceptual artist who experiments with a wide variety of media in order to examine contemporary forms of domination and their interrelations. Handmade paper, screenshots engraved in marble, devalued euros pressed in sugar: Pondorf’s artistic approach uses found materials to develop a clear, reduced and calm formal language that makes complex power dynamics visible and thus tangible.

Exhibition Organization: Chris Reitz

Participating artists:

Patrik Thomas, Marjan Baniasadi, Marile Holzner, Felix Rodewaldt, Rosanna Marie Pondorf

Event Program

Vernissage with presentation and Jury & Audience prizes
24 April 2024
6 pm – 10 pm

Where? Kistlerhofstraße 70; building 60, 3rd floor.

We warmly invite you to an exciting evening with snacks, drinks and young up-and-coming art in the PLATFORM hall.