9 February – 4 March 2023
Exhibition Hall of PLATFORM @Kistlerhofstraße 70

Transformations and connections are essential to the works of Anne Römpp (1980) and Jess Walter (1959). In their first joint exhibition, “pink pong”, the PLATFORM presents, among other things, a selection of new works that are interwoven and react to each other in their forms of presentation:

Objects move from space to surface. Pictures are integrated into sculptural contexts as loose canvases in the room. Wooden strips wander through the exhibition as spatial drawings and join together at certain points to form frames for paintings. Cords, whose frottages can be found in the picture motifs, are transformed into autonomous lines in the room and are banal everyday objects at the same time. A continuous game of confronting and approaching each other.

It is that playful instinct that is inherent in both artistic positions. The works are created in direct confrontation with the material. In the process, Römpp and Walter react to associations that suddenly emerge from the artistic creative process. How little or how much does it take for a new context of meaning to emerge? True to the exhibition title, the works confronts each other for the first time and thus accentuate the scope of art.

Participating artists:

Anne Römpp, Jess Walter

Wednesday, 08 February, 7 pm

Vernissage with a welcoming speech by the curator Ozan Türkyilmaz followed by a discussion with the artists and a guided exhibition tour.

Saturday, 04 March, 11 am – 2 pm

Finissage, the artists will be present.