31 MARCH – 20 APRIL 2022
Exhibition Hall of PLATFORM @Kistlerhofstraße 70

The exhibition This Body is Mine shows a critical examination of social ideas about women’s bodies. What a female body should look like and what it should do is often externally determined and has become strongly manifested and uniformed in patriarchal societies. Structural sexism, the objectifying reduction to the female body and the sexualisation of the female body are part of a woman’s everyday life.

This Body is Mine is an attempt to emancipate oneself from the internalised “male gaze” and the expectations of the female body.  Through the negotiation of body and corporeality in the artistic positions, a re-appropriation of one’s own body takes place, which can be understood as feminist empowerment.

Note: The notation women* is deliberately omitted. Women here also refers to transwomen.

Please note that the 3G rule applies to the visit (proof of vaccination, recovery or negative Corona test). In addition, FFP2 masks are compulsory.

Subject to change due to current Corona measures. Information on social media and the website.

Curator: Helena Held

Participating artists:

Sandra Bejarano, Senem Berfin Kaya, Katrin Bittl, Annemarie Faupel, Olivia Kastebring with Ulrika Bandeira and Julia Gumpert, Patricia Lincke, Susanne Wagner, Julia Walk